Preparing a child for schooling in a kindergarten.

Preparing a child for schooling is the main and primary task of the kindergarten. The preparatory process provides for the diversified development of each child and, above all, for its full-fledged physical education.

In Russian preschool institutions, along with health protection, hardening procedures, a set of activities, games, exercises aimed at developing and improving children’s movements are conducted.

“Programs for the education of children in kindergarten” are defined specific knowledge, skills, skills that should be possessed by children at the time of transition to school. Indices of the physical development of children are also indicated. However, the practical implementation of the tasks and objectives listed in the “Programs” often presents significant difficulties for kindergarten teachers that arise from a lack of experience, inability to create the necessary conditions, to pick up exercises, and to plan their work.

The creative decision of the authors of the book of actual issues of physical education of children, the long-term verification of the achieved results allows us to recommend their experience for implementation and work with children.

The specific material reveals the opportunities for the comprehensive development of the child in the classroom and in games; a technique that stimulates the work of thinking, the development of imagination and creative activity. The opportunity is shown to practically practice the children in the manifestation of moral qualities, develop their aesthetic taste, and form labor skills.

The book highlights an integrated approach to the process of teaching children basic movements and sports exercises, the selection of material, various options for its planning, and the organization of classes.

Kindergarten teachers often have great difficulty in planning their classes. In the materials of Yu. Yu. Rautskis they will get acquainted with the experience of quarterly planning of program material on basic movements (schedule);

s the most important pedagogical requirements for the selection of the main exercises; variants of combinations of program material, distribution of exercises with intensity; methodical methods of teaching and ways of organizing children aimed at better learning movements; with data about; the effectiveness of the use of some teaching methods.

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