download and install Android app safely

Find, download and install Android app safely

Android users when a visit to Google Play store they find there millions of app, it creates confusion and a lot more options to have variety. Finding right app in a short time, compatible with the device. There various other third-party websites are present offer app downloads.

download and install Android app safely

Find, download and install Android app safely


Safest place you can trust is Google App store; they check all apps if apps hold any malware they make sure that your device is always free from any type of virus which results badly destroying your device functions. Few devices say .10%devices had harmful malwares in 2015 as acc to reports and .5% devices due to other sources download. You can trust Google with its credibility and can get apps from there.

Other android app stores –


There are no. of unfound websites for android apps though it is not suitable to suggest to download from there because many of them easily attract harmful malware while few are protected, always be aware of those sites who offer freely any updated version without any cost which naturally is not possible. When you look at android apps on third party sites other than Google, most of them directly send you to Google playstore to download the app directly from android app reviews.

Installations of those apps which are not present at Google needs you to go settings and there enable installations of app from unknown sources as to download from other sources it requires your permission.

Compatibility –


It is not possible that every Android apps run in every type of device, Android runs at almost every device but some may be old version while some are new and due to which some apps buy ios reviews are not able to adjust because of its obsolete version while every new version Android accepts to be compatible with updated apps.

Why do apps come from Google app store by default?



Google gets approx 30% of money whenever you buy anything from there; it’s easy for Google to make money from Android. But here it is not only for profit purpose. Developers create the app and upload it in play store but after that Google keeps its eye on that app to check if any virus or malware of any kind present there, Google just make sure that you get a trusted app from them and that keeps your device safe. After making sure, they allow that app to store and to be downloaded from users.

Unknown sources downloads are really harmful?


It is actually all about security measures of all websites like Google play store securities, some websites are very interested and careful for their visibility and trust of users due to which they also possess tight security and keep checks on every single app that enter in their app store buy app reviews meanwhile some are not so attentive which causes easy entrance of malware in their apps and when people download from there they also get harmful viruses which easily attacks device. So answer this question 90% goes to yes where10% is no. Don’t install APK’s until you verify them and always avoid suspicious links.

Some apps you can’t get from Google play store is it safe to download it in APK file?


Better you check their sites and then download from there or any other unknown sources would be harmful as if you don’t know from where the APK file is coming or if you can’t verify its always unsafe, not to download certainly it will bring package of harmful malicious malwares with it, so try to get the app directly from sites like Aptoide or mobogenie are not present in Google Play store so you can get it from their official websites.


There are various other websites (third party) from where you can download the app after becoming sure with their security policies and trustworthiness or credibility in the market.

Websites are –



Amazon Underground app has many splendid features and it is one of the most trusted playstore from where you can download without thinking as they also have stringent policies for security purpose on apps. it consists of every kind of app from small to large.Huge collection of the Paid app for free, games .100%  free to download and play. Paid for free apps get updated and are easily available here.



It looks same almost to Google play store. It has the huge collection of apps under different categories with subcategories. The apps which are not present in Google store are present here and will come in apk file.


Benefits of getting no. of apps that you can use on your android devices .It lets you download and update frequently. No single app with an advertisement or any popup or any other elements.


Opera browser is one of the most famous and easily found in each cell phone. It not only serves to give you apps, it saves date while browsing with ad blocker.

Buy app rating  As many more substitutes for Google play store are present there .each and every has its own pros and cons. But you have to look at each and every website with smartness and intelligence as to find which can assure you with their security, you can check their websites, go through feedback, recommendations and Google it about from many sites like Quora.

But the safest place for download is still Google Pay store. It guarantees 90% to keep your device out of malwares reach secure and safe.

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